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Sell cemetery plots

Sellers of Cemetery Plots, Crypts, Columbariums, Mausoleums may place their listing FOR FREE. Why would private individuals sell unused burial plots? Many people wind up with cemetery plots they no longer need or want. Up for sale are several plots in beautiful Parklawn Memorial Park. 2 Side by Side Cemetery Plots in Memorial Properties-Forest Lawn, Gethsemane section, beautiful location near statue of praying Christ, asking $7,600 for the pair. Some owners have moved to another state and the cost of shipping remains across state lines is prohibitive. com. Cemetery plots are transferred as you would any other piece of land: via a deed or letter of conveyance. Shade trees over plots a sitting bench 7 feet from plots easy access to plots near the El Camino funeral home. Due to the demand we receive at US Funerals Online from families wanting to re-sell a cemetery plot, we are launching a free ‘Cemetery Plots for Sale’ section with effect from 2015.

We tried a few free ads with no luck. There are very few plots in this section available on todays' market. We Really Want to Sell Our Cemetery Plots. and is Lot #21 in Block #3. A wide variety of classified ads Buy, rent, sell and find anything - cemetery plots listings. If you sell your cemetery plot (grave, mausoleum crypt or cremation niche) within 1-month, just cancel the ad and you will never be charged a penny! At Prima Cemetery Services, we understand your needs are important as well as your resources. In addition to WWW. There is the easiest way on how to buy and sell without difficulties.

Hello, we are Golden Cemetery Brokers and we are here to help you find the right cemetery plot for your loved ones. When my father died, my mother decided to cremate him instead and not use the plot. F) How can you get a licensed cemetery to maintain its grounds such as watering or replacing dead sod? If you have been unable to get a license cemetery management to reasonably maintain the grounds, you may file a complaint with the Division of Funeral, Cemetery and Consumer Services. Funeral Home, Cremation, Cemetery Burial Services, Caskets, Grave Markers and Cremation Urns for Sale. All named executors predeceased them. Contents of home, furnishings, Yamaha piano, brik a brak, household items, tools, bikes, designer-clothes, accessories, collectibles & more! Florence - History: Florentia (“The Flourishing Town”) was founded in 59 bce as a colony for soldiers of the armies of Rome and was laid out as a rectangular garrison town (castrum) below the hilltop Etruscan town of Faesulae. She wants to sell the two plots but is having trouble. 1-888-918-8808.

Virginia Buy or Sell Cemetery Plots for Sale and Burial Plots for Sale with Grave Sites for Sale including Mausoleum Crypts or Niches for Sale listed by Virginia City and Cemetery. A VERY SIMPLE FACT ABOUT HOW TO SELL CEMETERY PLOTS There is no such thing as "Unwanted" Cemetery Plots or Burial Lots for Sale. As graveyard space becomes scarce and more valuable, entrepreneurs are flipping grave plots. We are selling two cemetary plots in hollywood ca -- the price listed is $17,000 @. New company, new management, new concept, and better than before. There are hundreds of potential buyers in the Toledo Ohio area. com! The Plot Exchange was the internet's first resource for the resale of cemetery property and is now the only website to "truly" provide a free classified ad with which to sell your cemetery plot for free. Selling a cemetery plot is not always a straight-forward process.

to sell any remaining cemetery plots of deceased parents to pay outstanding debts? yes Read More. Sell your cemetery plot with a free classified ad from PlotExchange. If you want to check for prices on cemetery plots, the most effective way to do so is to call around to cemeteries in your area. Buyers Who Will Buy Cemetery Plots and Burial Lots for Sale. share: What is the greek root crypt-in english? Complaint / review / scam report Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots LLC All Talk-No Action-Just Enough E-Mails to Make U Think They Have A Buyer For Your Property Like any piece of real estate, cemetery plots tend to gain value over time. A plot owner moves from a region and no longer desires internment in that region’s cemetery, inherits a plot, purchases a plot from a different part of the cemetery or has too many spaces and purchases a smaller plot. If you are looking to sell cemetery plots , you are also in a great place! This site was created by an industry professional with decades of experience doing exactly what you are trying to do; sell cemetery plots. 00.

Enjoy an educational and leisurely stroll through one of New Orleans' most gorgeous neighborhoods with this 2-hour walking tour of the Garden District and Lafayette Cemetery No. 337 likes. However A funeral guide illustrating everything there is to know regarding how to buy a grave plot. Tips to Sell Cemetery Plots for Sale when You're Asking; "We aren't Getting any Nibbles. . Advertise your burial plots for a mere $99. Hear about the history of the stately mansions along the tree-lined streets before visiting one of the city's haunting If you have an enclosed cargo trailer you are trying to sell or just trying to get an accurate idea of the value of the trailer, the Internet becomes your friend. Our providers are affiliated with properties in more than 100 different locations in other markets that include Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Diego, Rio Grande Valley, Tucson, Yuma, El Paso, Corpus Christi, Houston, San Antonio .

Advertise your cemetery plots on a website that exclusively lists cemetery plots for sale. If you tried to have the so-called buy and sell cemetery plots, you need to look for the ways on how you can purchase and sell the plots to anyone else without exerting too time and effort. Cemetery - Plots for sale. If you own unused cemetery plots, beware of these less than practical solutions to trying to sell your unwanted burial property. Los Angeles, California 90041. The Owner and CEO of Buy and Sell Burial Plots. I need to know the best way to sell grave plots. A 65-year-old Heidelberg Township woman lost about $1,300 last week to a creep who responded to her ad about two cemetery plots she was selling because they wouldn't be needed by her family.

If you have cemetery property and need extra cash for an emergency, or perhaps you’ve decided you’d like your plot to be elsewhere, you can sell your cemetery property. Find Cemetery Plots in Canada | Visit Kijiji Classifieds to buy, sell, or trade almost anything! New and used items, cars, real estate, jobs, services, vacation rentals and more virtually anywhere in Toronto (GTA). Cemetery Plot or Plots for Sale and Grave Sites for Sale or Cemetery Lots with Burial Plots for Sale Buy and Sell Offers by Private Owners, Nationwide Registry. You could consider communicating your intention to sell your cemetery plot to local church circles or funeral homes. For sale by owner, for sale through brokerage, and for sale by cemeteries. Years ago people bought many cemetery plots to make arrangements for entire families. Sell Burial Space Online By Listing Your Cemetery Property on GraveTrader. A cemetery plot is a piece of land purchased for use when burying a deceased individual in a cemetery.

plotexchange. Is their message enough proof for a deduction? I need to know if I need more proof of value than an e-mail from the cemetery salesman. Determine a price that is agreeable between seller and Plot Brokers when sold. Just fifty miles from the city of San Francisco and right off of Highway 87, Oak Hill Memorial Park is Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots is committed to connecting people wanting to buy cemetery plots with those seeking to sell cemetery plots. two unused plots at the Beth David Cemetery in Elmont, N. A veteran, Sanchez is Buying or Selling a Pre-Owned Burial Plot March 27th, 2013. An on-line forum for individuals who are seeking an opportunity to sell or list their cemetery space(s). Cemetery property can be an investment, as well as a final resting place.

These are both 4 grave plots, where you intern two per grave, both side by side in the Mount Pleasant Cemetery here in Toronto on the east side of Mount Pleasant. A person who owns land on which is situated an abandoned cemetery or burying ground may remove graves in the cemetery or ground to a suitable plot in another cemetery or suitable location if: (1) It is necessary and expedient in the opinion of the governing body of the county or municipality in which the cemetery or burying ground is situated Selling a single plot is going to be more difficult to sell. I have been in touch with the cemetery to see about selling the plot, but they said I need to produce my deed for the plot, but I cannot locate it. Usually, the funeral home handling the funeral can arrange to purchase the plot, but you can do it yourself if that's your preference. These plots were purchased in 1955 and have plenty of matured landscape with statuary surrounding them. Buying a cemetery plot can be part of an estate plan. In May of this year the law was changed where you can now sell those rights and I have seen adds in the paper and on Kijiji for other plots at Mount Pleasant. Lot 51, Block C, Space 3 and Block D, space 1.

Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots LLC Overview. Fort Lincoln Cemetery Burial Plots for Sale. Our Cemetery Plots are available in some of the most popular Forest Lawn and Rose Hills locations. And at the prices we'd get, and split 2 ways, probably not worth the effort. You read about situations all the time where someone loses a loved one and can't afford a funeral. Unlike a regular classified listing, however, they become involved with all aspects of the sale, including transference of paperwork. Fort Lincoln Cemetery was named after Fort Lincoln, which strategically protected the nation’s capitol during the Civil War. I certify that if a license is issued, I will exercise a careful supervision over the salesperson’s cemetery activities while so employed.

Some inherit them. It took us years to sell ours and there had to be a better way so we started this site in May of 2010. If you’re getting ready to pre-plan a funeral and are looking to save some money on burial costs, it might be a good idea to look into pre-owned cemetery plots. BUYANDSELLCEMETERYPLOT. Also, if the grave or plot is Owner and CEO of Buy and Sell Burial Plots. Tell them you’d give them $1,000 apiece to sell them. For example, we know of a burial plot at Toronto’s Pine Hills Cemetery that sold for $340 in 1985. Cemetery-Plots.

- After reaching an agreement on a price for the cemetery plot, We requests a copy of the ownership papers from the seller. These plots are nestled in the serene location of the Everlasting Life section. Located in Cook County, Illinois, Maryhill Catholic Cemetery and Mausoleum, known more familiarly by locals as Maryhill Cemetery, has long served the needs of Niles and surrounding communities. It is very rare for any cemetery to buy graves back when they generally have so much property, they will virtually never run out. If you ever want to transfer your property to another person, there are certain requirements you must meet, such as notifying the cemetery and filing an application to transfer your plot. There have been recent reports of people choosing to list their unwanted cemetery plots and burial property in places like Craigslist, Ebay, and the classifieds. Caballero Rivero Dade South by Cemetery Discount: Our Company was founded in the year 2000 with the goal of helping families in Miami-Dade, in buying and selling their cemetery property owner-to-owner, Classifieds BENCOMO is also part of our company and our goal remains the same. Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots: Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots is committed to connecting people wanting to buy a burial site with those seeking to sell a burial site.

HOW MUCH? Click to find out what your cemetery plot is worth? Find the Funeral Services you are looking for here at the fastest Funeral Service Search service on the web. With over 100 years of service ti the San Bernardino community, Mt. If a cemetery does purchase them back, it does not have to pay the current going price of similar graves. FREE Sell Cemetery Plots for Sale Value Pricing Services. i am such a jerk. I donated two cemetery plots to a church. Cemetery brokers help clients find a final Cemetery-Plots. Parklawn Memorial Park Cemetery Burial Plots for Sale.

contact the cemetery to be sure that the seller has the legal right to sell. Location. - New paperwork of ownership of the cemetery plot is created. For Families Struggling to Pay Bills, A Cemetery Plot Becomes an Asset to Sell. Yet by selling at a discount to the cemetery manager price, you will also be helping out families in need save money. If you pre-purchase a burial plot at a cemetery, you aren’t necessarily tied to that space for the rest of your life (and afterlife). Sell Cemetery Plots & Property Online. COM " BUY AND SELL CEMETERY PLOT " is a brand linking a network of property in cemeteries in United States.

My parents preplanned many years ago and purchased two cemetery plots. Ronald Lipman Dec. Your listing can stay as long as needed. Thinking about selling your cemetery plots? Do you want someone to help you sell? Would you like the kind of services you thought you could only get from a Cemetery Broker or Real Estate Agent? Let Toledo Plots go to work for you today. Burial plot brokerages often go unregulated in the United States, but some states' comptrollers offices regulate cemeteries and the transfer of plots. Vista Del Valle Lots 222 Space 5&6. The park was established in one of the wealthiest and fastest growing areas in the country. They are under a beautiful shade tree near the back of the cemetery.

This means that the cemetery has the right to sell any plots or crypts surrounding the plots or crypts you’ve purchased without first offering to sell them to you. Click here to Place an Ad on Line. Inside the cemetery it is on Red Oak St. Sell Cemetery Plots If you have Cemetery Plots that you are looking to sell use our Buyer Request List to find a buyer for your Cemetery Plots. Established in Redondo Beach, California in 1902, Pacific Crest remains family owned and operated to this day. Owners selling prepaid burial plots to make ends meet 56, who is selling his two Green Mountain Cemetery plots in Boulder for $1,000 each — about half their value. - A new legal contract for the cemetery plot is drawn up. Whatever the reason, you can sell cemetery grave plots as easily as you can sell just about anything.

00 each. Welcome to Grave Solutions, the premiere source for cemetery property and products, and the nations only Multi- Listing Type Program for all cemetery property. Will sell individually or together. Topics such as burial containers, pre-owned grave plots and grave plot pricing are also discussed in order to assist you. I think my gift of cynicism is kicking up on a Florida broker selling New Jersey cemetery lots. Only children are my brother & I. Maryhill Catholic Cemetery and Mausoleum. Under the right circumstances I'd be happy to donate the plot to help out.

On sites like these, you can list any type of cemetery property – grave plots, mausoleums or crypts. No real estate company wants to work 2 Burial Plots. Sell Cemetery Plots For Free. The Price Of Plots: A Look At The Cemetery Real Estate Business Burial space is an investment. Please call or email us for complete information, additional Listings or to arrange an Appointment to view cemetery property . Although the name is a bit macabre (bringing to mind burial plots that have already seen bodies come and go), the concept Trying to sell four adjacent cemetery plots. Like any piece of real estate, cemetery plots tend to gain value over time. We sell cemetery Burial Plots, Crypts, Niches and Granite Memorial Markers / Headstones at a much lower cost compared to local cemeteries in San Diego.

2 large plots can make a family burial holds up to 7 or 8 Urns. Do I pay tax on the money from the sale? I am in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Any Advice?" This question is one many ask every day and it is why The Cemetery Registry Multiple Listing Services have become so important to sellers today. This is located approximately six miles from our nation’s capital. Many people who possess cemetery plots bought them many years ago, never expecting them to gain much value, or had them passed down without any intention of using them. Ripoff Report on: Buy and Sell Cemetery PLots, LLC - Buy sell cemetery plots llc scam st petersburg florida We Sell, List, & Buy Cemetery Plots . Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots goes the extra mile to make sure every transaction with our experienced team of sales and marketing professionals helps make the decision to buy cemetery plots or sell cem… Stumbled upon this sub, hope this is okay to ask here. Funeral home suggested Craigslist ads, which I am currently running with pictures and *very* competitive pricing.

Terms Of Use At Prima Cemetery Services, we understand your needs are important as well as your resources. Buy & Sell Property, Mausoleum, or Cremation Niche fast and at the best price at GraveTrader. IF YOU HAVE CEMETERY LOTS & want to advertise it FREE in the Tell-N-Sell, call 927-7710 or long distance 800-673-6481. Jim Powers comes from a Catholic family that's been pretty good at planning ahead. Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots LLC filed as a Florida Limited Liability in the State of Florida and is no longer active. Thank you for your interest in listing your cemetery property for sale. The Prominent Nationwide Cemetery Property Listing Service. Most people usually have the funeral home handle the arrangements, but more and more people are finding the… Items to consider when choosing cemetery locations include: Is the cemetery well taken care of? The grounds well manicured? Does the cemetery offer your preferred type of burial option? What are the visiting hours of the cemetery location? Can your loved ones visit easily? Will they have to walk a long distance to reach your plot? Can you be forced by debtors etc.

8600 Milwaukee Ave. If you sell your cemetery plot (grave, mausoleum crypt or cremation niche) within 1-month, just cancel the ad and you will never be charged a penny! Graveyard deals: Why would you buy a cemetery plot in advance? Is a cemetery plot a good investment? Not if you can't use it or sell it. If you contact the cemetery office you will probably learn that they "DO NOT RE-PURCHASE GRAVES" and that makes sense, they have an inventory of their own to sell. If you are trying to find a grave for cemetery burial, mausoleum interment, or cremation facility, Bayer Cemetery Brokers can help you negotiate the best possible rate. com, the only site on the net of it's kind. $2,800. The cemetery says that they are selling plots in the same area for $4,395 each. The beautiful California Bay Area is the setting for Oak Hill Memorial Park in San Jose.

That’s a little weird. com for sale is an Internet Classified for sellers of cemetery plots and graves. Inherited Cemetery Plots. Shelby, North Carolina Private user. The Best Way to Buy and Sell . Ripoff Report on: Buy and Sell Cemetery PLots, LLC - Buy sell cemetery plots llc scam st petersburg florida Q: How much should I sell my burial plots for? A: The value of your burial plots or other cemetery property can vary greatly depending on which cemetery it is located in, the location within the cemetery and how close it is to a special feature, tree, lake or other area of importance within the garden or section. Our Cemetery Brokers are experts in the not only negotiating memorial services, we can help you sell a burial plot or grave site that you no longer need. I am looking at selling it as I want to use the money to try and get rid of my debts or as much of it as I can.

I have four grave plots (cemetery plots) that I am trying to sell and I need to know what is the best way to sell. This corporate entity was filed approximately twelve years ago on Thursday, June 28, 2007 as recorded in documents filed with Florida Department of State. Contact sellers with appraisal and valuation of the property for resale. The company's filing status is listed as Active and its File Number is L07000067929. A burial plot up for sale doesn’t always mean its original owner is struggling financially. All documents are prepared before a buyer is found to guarantee transfer rights to the To settle an Estate I have two cemetery plots for sale in the Garden of Compassion. We can help you sell a single or multiple cemetery plots you already own and put some extra money in your pocket. The value of the 3 plots tota You generally can sell cemetery spaces to any person who wants to buy them.

If you're the heir to a cemetery plot that wasn't used by the person who purchased it, the IRS allows you to calculate gains and losses using the fair market value of the plot on the day its original owner died, rather than using his original purchase price or zero as your basis. View a list of providers of funeral services in Illinois. For these people, selling their cemetery plot is a Buy And Sell Cemetery Plots LLC is a Florida Domestic Limited-Liability Company filed on June 28, 2007. Advertising cemetery plots for eleven years. How You Sell Cemetery Plots For Free. This is a list of individuals that are currently looking to buy Cemetery Plots . com – Classifieds across Pennsylvania. "It is imperative that I sell this property immediately," read a recent Craigslist ad for six plots, also in Fort Lincoln Cemetery, with "extra depth and marker privileges.

share: What is the greek root crypt-in english? For Sale: Cemetery Plot. We are willing to sell them seperately One (1) plot for $1200, Two (2) plots for $2200 and all (3) plots for $3000. Can you be forced by debtors etc. Parents died in 1996. Nested in a family neighborhood, we are committed to securing serenity, care and dignity, and peace of mind for the immediate communities we serve. Other cemetery websites do not offer an up-to-date inventory that we include on Hawaii Plots. 20 Sell Cemetery Property jobs available on Indeed. Some states require that an individual selling his burial plot must first offer to sell the plot back to the cemetery before a private sale or brokerage can take place.

Selling a single plot is going to be more difficult to sell. We took care of estate except for house and extra Cemetery brokers buy and sell cemetery plots. There must be a way ? Correct! Place a listing here on graves4sale. Selling Cemetery Plots. The plot is a different charge from the headstone and any other services you may purchase from a particular cemetery. star_border Favorite compare_arrows Is a salesperson registration required to sell cemetery plots or merchandise? May a cemetery require vaults or grave liners? Does the Cemetery Board regulate the depth of graves or how close graves can be to each other? I think the prices charged by a cemetery are too high. Cemetery Plots, Three adjoining plots available at Greenwood Cemetery in Serenity Section. Our goal is to find the best plot to fit your needs and make the process as seamless and easy for you as possible.

How to Purchase a Cemetery Plot. For these people, selling their cemetery plot is a Classified Ads: Buy & Sell Cemetery Spaces Online Classified Ads For The Beaumont, Houston & Lake Charles Region Planning for the future is one of the smartest things you can do for yourself and your family. New to Plotbrokers? Sign up for free! Buy and Sell Grave, Cemetery & Burial Plots for Sale. View Cemetery as a beautiful L. The Manila North Cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries in Metro Manila, the Philippines. Selling cemetery plot can make cents if you read the fine print. Van asks: What happens if a cemetery owner loses their ownership of the land? What about when their land fills up and no new dead people can be put in to pay? How do they afford to keep it going? Cemeteries are just like any other business; they need to make money in order to stay open. Brookwood Cemetery was conceived by the London Necropolis Company (LNC) in 1849 to house London's deceased, at a time when the capital was finding it difficult to accommodate its increasing population, of living and dead.

Cemetery and Funeral Bureau to issue the person named in this application a license as a Cemetery Salesperson in my employ. Some people facing financial stress are attempting to sell burial plots -- often at steep discounts -- to bring Find Cemetery Plot in Canada | Visit Kijiji Classifieds to buy, sell, or trade almost anything! New and used items, cars, real estate, jobs, services, vacation rentals and more virtually anywhere in Ontario. Purchasing a burial plot can be done far ahead of time or at the time of an impending funeral. $500 each or all 7 for $3000. 1. Verify property information with the Cemetery. Buy or Sell Your Cemetery Plot or Grave with a Free Ad from The Cemetery Plot Exchange: an Internet publication for sellers and buyers of cemetery plots or graves. The Plot Exchange allows a free ad on its state-of-the-art, 100% secure, searchable, Website: www.

The Grave Sites For Sale or Cemetery Lots and Plots for Sale National Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots Registry of Grave Site Cemetery Property for Sale and Want to Buy Offers. At Hawaii Plots, we are proud to offer exclusive Hawaii Cemetery Plots and a current inventory that you can view online. 847-823-0982. Buy Sell Cemetery Lots Burial Spaces Graves Plots Crypts Niches for Sale. Cemetery brokers help clients find a final In todays' economy everyone is looking for a way to save money or make extra money. 969 Colorado Blvd Suite #205. To do this, you can simply talk to your friends and Cemetery brokers buy and sell cemetery plots. Hit some of the local funeral homes.

Y. You also have to check the contract with and governing documents of the cemetery organization. Gertrude Cemetery in 4 cemetery plots, side-by-side in beautiful center section. We at Toledo Plots realize that there is need for a place for people to buy or sell cemetery plots at a reduced price. 20, 2014 I have three adjoining cemetery plots that I want to sell. Here at Bayer Cemetery Brokers, we are experts on getting you the best deal possible for your grave plot. Get answers, and share your insights and experience. Transfer of cemetery plots occurs for various reasons.

51 Bliss Ave. Graveyard deals: Why would you buy a cemetery plot in advance? Is a cemetery plot a good investment? Not if you can't use it or sell it. Up for sale are several plots and crypts in beautiful Historic Fort Lincoln Cemetery. With 104 spaces, you would likely sell to several individuals as families today don’t need more than 2 or 4 spaces. If you are looking for the perfect place to sell cemetery plots you no longer wish to own, let us sell them for you. cemetery plots in Pennsylvania at AmericanListed. Unconvinced that people in the market for such things actually read Craigslist. Today, the cemetery appraises the property at $4,555.

Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots does not merely list cemetery plots and collect a fee like so many other cemetery services on the web. I am willing to negotiate. Some buy plots to sell directly to customers while others work with clients to sell plots for a commission. Today, the same grave Fort Lincoln Cemetery Burial Plots for Sale. According to the story, Dotson had incurred a series of illnesses and financial setbacks leading him to put his double plot up for sale. Sell cemetery property easy & fast sale. How do I sell my cemetery plots at national memorial in falls church, va? Find answers to this and many other questions on Trulia Voices, a community for you to find and share local information. and Sell Burial Plots at cemeteries though out the United States 11/22/2011.

We took care of estate except for house and extra Buying & Selling cemetery plots is straightforward with Golden Cemetery Brokers. Is this legal? Cemeteries in New Jersey are under no obligation to purchase back graves. Niles, IL 60714. View Mortuary & Cemetery has been recognized as Inland Valley’s Favorite Mortuary and San Bernardino County’s Favorite Mortuary for the third consecutive year. Find a burial plot to Buy or Advertise to Sell your burial cemetery plots nationwide. I don’t know that Craigslist would work, but I’m trying to think where you would advertise cemetery plots. Should I complain to the Cemetery Board? How You Sell Cemetery Plots For Free. Slightly Used The Atlantic looked into the market for buying and selling cemetery plots in and around New York City, where eternal real estate can be predictably Like any piece of real estate, cemetery plots tend to gain value over time.

To do this, you can simply talk to your friends and Need to sell unused cemetery plots left by parents. In 1962, Powers' parents went partners with Powers' aunt uncle on some cemetery plots at St. In fact, many people are now purchasing their burial plots many years before their death to lessen the impact of financial hardships for family. In some cases, the cemetery where you own the spaces may be interested in repurchasing them from you and your brother. San Bernardino families have chose Mt. Read our step by step guide on how to buy or sell a cemetery plot. As times get tough, cemeteries and funeral-property Web sites report a burgeoning marketplace for the sale of burial plots by individuals, many of which have been in families for years. It is a family plot with 7 spaces my grandfather purchased when he lived there in 1922.

Most cemetery plot contracts allow for you to sell the plot either back to the cemetery or to a third-party buyer in the event that you move away, get divorced from a spouse or partner who is also part of the plot, decide to be cremated, or undergo any other Selling a Burial Plot is a Grave Decision. The price is low compared to traditional real estate investments and the profits can be huge for you can easily double or triple your money over and over. As a cemetery broker licensed by the California State Board of Consumer Affairs, I list cemetery property including graves, crypts and niches for sale much the same as a real estate broker lists property for sale. - The deed to sell the cemetery plot is examined and verified. Net USA. Slightly Used The Atlantic looked into the market for buying and selling cemetery plots in and around New York City, where eternal real estate can be predictably Cemetery Plots are a unique class of real estate to invest in. That's correct The Plot Exchange was the Internet's first resource for the resale of a cemetery plot and is now the only website to "truly" provide a free classified ad with which to sell your cemetery plot for free. FOR BUREAU USE ONLY Follow these tips on selling burial plots to maximize your returns.

For Sale: Cemetery Plot. Tenafly Thurs 6/6 9a-3p & Fri 6/7 11a-5p. Apply to Family Service Counselor, Sales Representative, Sales Professional and more! poor guy was just trying to sell some cemetery plots via craigslist. 7 cemetery plots for sale. Unless Otherwise Noted The Above Cemetery Listings Do not Not Include transfer fee, Opening & Closing, Vaults or Headstones. " "So that's why I'm If you are purchasing a group of plots or crypts, most cemeteries do not offer right of first refusal for surrounding plots or crypts. History Background. Now my mother has decided to do the same thing.

Omega Mapping Services provides accurate underground mapping with Ground Penetrating Radar and GPS Mapping for clients such as municipalities and cemeteries. We are not brokers or agents and we never charge fees for the sales you Ripoff Report on: Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots - Buy sell cemetery plots bewaredo not use this company rip off saint petersburg florida Need to sell unused cemetery plots left by parents. You may be surprised to learn that if you want to sell the cemetery plot, you may be required to sell it back to the cemetery organization, perhaps for the same amount paid for it. How do I sell a product on Angie's List; How do I sell cemetery lots online? Who can sell products on Angie's List? We are selling two cemetary plots in hollywood ca -- the price listed is $17,000 @. Prepare necessary documents to sell and transfer property. Buying a cemetery plot can be done ahead of an impending funeral or death. The Above listed Cemetery Properties are Subject to Prior Sale. 00 until sold.

The cemetery is owned by the City of Manila, the national capital, and is one of the largest in the metropolis at 54 hectares. No nibbles. Not only do we have a declining burial rate as cremation gains popularity, but finding an appropriate marketplace to sell a product that people do not really want to think about buying, can be problematic too! So how do you sell an unwanted cemetery plot? I want to sell back to the cemetery graves that I purchased years ago, but the cemetery will not purchase them back. These are resale plots so you may be able to purchase a plot in a cemetery that is closed. Sell Cemetery Plots Successful Customers What They Say About Us. Signature of Broker Date . sell cemetery plots

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